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New LJ

I have  a new LJ account for a few months now ,probably I should had post it the new adress here way sooner.


Merlin series 3 trailers

I am so excited for Merlin series 3 it’s unbelievable ,I loved series 1 and 2, bur series 3 seems so much better, darker in a way, like there growing the beard (Tv tropes ruin my vocabulary) ,apparently we gonna have a full season arc what I’m sure is gonna be awesome.  We already got some slash moments (Merlin saying he is gonna protect Arthur … squee) .But most important : Morgana , I wasn’t sure I would really like Morgana as a villain but trailer 1 definitely change my mind  ,she looks so beautiful and badass . I can hardly wait ,and I know that after you watch these trailers you share my feeling.


I am madly in love with Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood, I watched the first seven episodes today, and the only reason why I didn’t watch more is because my internet it’s incredible slow this afternoon (about 50 minutes per episode).I’m only on episode seven and I’m already thinking that 70 episodes is not enough.

I watched FMA dubbed in Portuguese, and I’m watching brotherhood in Japanese, but I still can honestly say that the video below featuring the American  voice actors ,is one of the most adorable things I ever see :

While I was waiting for my downloads finish I took a lot of personality tests (it’s kinda addictive) so below some of the results and my reaction to them :
Star Wars Character : Jabba (WTF?)
Disney princess : Belle (Expected but cool)
Disney Villain : Captain Hook (Unexpected but cool)
Lost Character : Kate (For season 1 : awesome, for season 2/3/4/5/6 : I think I want to kill myself)
Pokémon : Pidgeot (I wanted to be a Charizard)
Pokémon character : Gary (I’m awesome)
Inuyasha character : Sango (I’m awesome n° 2)
Farscape character : Jool (No, no, Just no)
Famous literature character : Jo from Little Women (Never read the book)
Harry Potter character : Luna Lovegood (Yay !!!)
Pop singer : Lady Gaga (Could be worse…)
Greek goddess : Artemis (I was expecting Athena ,but still…)
Peanuts character : Linus ( Squee, just squee)
Teen Titans character : Terra (WHY !? WHY !? WHY !?)
Discworld character : Moist Von Lipwig (I’m still in Small gods so I have no idea how to feel about this)

Best Quotes from A Very Potter Musical

That begun as a Top 5, them went to a top 15, and them I said to myself , what the hell let's put all the best in here . Probably will have A very Potter sequel best quotes here pretty soon.

Hermione :This year I plan to study a lot.
Ron : That would be cool if you’re actually hot.

Ron : Ginny this is Harry ...Harry Potter
Ginny : You’re Harry Potter, you’re The boy who lived.
Harry :Yeah, you’re Ginny.
Ginny : It’s Ginevra
Harry : Cool, Ginny is fine.
Ron: Stupid sister !Stop bothering famous friend !

Dumbledore : My name is Albus Dumbledore. You may call me... Dumbledore. I suppose you can also call be Albus, if you want a detention! Nah, I'm just kidding, I'll expel you if you call me Albus!

Cedric : Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders!
Dumbledore : What the hell is a Hufflepuff?

Dumbledore : 10 points to Dumbledore !

Voldemort: At-choo!
Dumbledore: Did your turban just sneeze?
Quirrell: Um, no! That... that was simply a fart!

Dumbledore : Severus Snape is one of the kindest, bravest, gentlest, sexiest men I have ever met.

Malfoy: Rumbleroar is the head master at Pigfarts. He's a lion, who can talk.

Voldemort: Just relax with the 'Dark King' ok? I watch you wipe your butt daily, you can call me Voldemort, we've reached that point.

Voldemort: I believe everything has its place, Muggles have their place, Mudbloods have their and so do your dirty clothes! Namely a dresser!

Voldemort : Quirrell, man , listen ! I may just be a parasite on the back of your head, literally devouring your soul every time you take a breath but even I can see you’re a to good guy to not have a bit of fun once and a while ,you deserve this.
Quirrell : If you put it that way , yeah, let’s go wild tonight .

Draco : You know who I think the ugliest girl in this school is? That Hermione Granger. You know what I'd give her, on a scale of one to ten? One, one being the ugliest, and ten, pretty? I would give her... an eight. Eight-point-five or a nine. But not, NOT about a nine-point-eight. There is always room for improvement. Not everyone can be perfect, like me. That's why I'm holding out for a ten. Because I'm worth it.

Quirrell :I have to admit I was kinda nervous when you demand you attach yourself to my soul
Voldemort : Yeah, I could sense that.
Quirrell : But like now I think is kinda cool, like having a really close roommate, or even a...
Voldemort :Yeah, like a slave. Like a death eater
Quirrell : No man, it’s like having a friend.
Voldemort : I never had a friend before.
Quirrell : It looks like you got one now.

Ginny- *screams while handing Yule wreath to Harry*
Harry- Is this for me? Oh, thanks Ginny, how you know I'd need a wreath to ask Cho Chang, you're the best!
Ginny- Oh, Harry Potter, just, you, forget it!!
Harry- Alright, I will!! Cool!

Ron : The only two girls I know that don’t have dates are Ginny and Hermione. And I’m not going with my stupid sister.
Harry : And I think of Hermione as a sister so that’s out.
Ron : We find ourselves in such a puzzle. 

Goyle : Oh, Goyle Rules !

Voldemort : Hey Quirrell, after this we should make plans.
Quirrell : Evil plans ?
Voldemort : No, casual plans, like we could go rollerblading on Saturday and them see a movie.
Quirrell : Would be great because we both could watch it for a change.

Draco: Go powder your nose or something!
Pansy: I just fixed my make-up a little while ago.
Draco: Trust me, you need more powder.

Hermione : I used to think looks weren't important, and now I think they are more important than anything

Ron : It’s Hermione ,I can’t take her out of my head and every time I look at her I have all these pains in my chest I know it's her fault, that bitch!

Harry: I was wondering if you has heard of something, uh, Voldemort is back, Cedric is dead, Professor Quirrell was crazy, and I have to save the world! did you hear that Hermione?!
Hermione: Actually, I have hear those things, Harry, about a thousand times, but never have they been told to me with so much SASS! Drop the attitude Harry Potter, your acting like Garfield on a Monday
Harry: *Gasp*

Ginny :Uh Harry, we kiss at the Yule ball and I thought we’re gonna be together forever ,and we’re not.
Harry: Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.
Ginny: What’s going on?
Harry: This is what going on, don’t you get it ? Everyone near me is in danger ,and we can’t be together because Voldemort is back you would be in mortal peril ,don’t you get it? It’s like Spiderman movie, Mary Jane and Peter Parker can’t be together.
Ginny: Yeah but the whole point of Spiderman 2 is that MJ and Peter could be together in the end.
Harry: But the point of Spiderman 3 is that everything sucks and falls to shit ! Ginny the point I’m trying to make is I don’t want my life to be like Spiderman 3 ,I hate that movie !

Voldemort : Now two people are mad at me.

Harry : Harry Potter loves Zac Efron more than anyone in the world.

Malfoy: I want Hermione Granger! And a rocket ship.

Harry: I love all of you guys, except you, Draco, I can't fucking stand you.

Dumbledore : Harry is time you should know all the things you should know seven years ago that really would had help you along the way.

Harry: So you're like a clairvoyant, you can see the past, present and future all at the same time?
Dumbledore: Yeah
Harry: Can you tell me how Lost ends?
Dumbledore : Harry, there are some questions that even I can answer.

Malfoy: Do we have to fight? I'm tired. Can't we just be death eaters?

Dumbledore’s Will : In the event of my death, Gryffindor wins the house cup, Hogwarts goes to Harry Potter, my chocolate factory to Charlie and The Toom Town to The Toons 

Harry: All the professors are dead ,so butter beer is on me !
Everyone : Yay !

Dementor : While I was devouring every single part of  your happy thoughts they’re all seem to be about a certain friend of yours, care to talk ?

Voldemort : Hey, you.

Voldemort : I learn something when I got my body back, I learn that life it’s really messy, complicated, and doesn’t turn out the way you think it will. You think that killing people might make them like you, but it doesn’t, it just makes people dead. I got killed by a two year old, it’s really embarrassing, and people get like ‘When you’re gonna come back Voldemort’ ,‘When you gonna take over the world ?’, It’s on me, it’s all on me. I sit there all by myself because nobody wants to help, and I say to myself, maybe with Quirrell things would be ok.
Quirrell: Is ok good?
Voldemort: Quirrell, ok is wonderful.


Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel


After two weeks and half I finally finish reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel (more than 800 pages :O) ,it’s a fantastic, mind-blowing book , I recommend for anyone who likes alternate history fiction, or Wizard histories ,because it’s a full plate in those fields, and basically to anyone who wants to read a damn good book. Fantastic construction of the book universe, subtle humor reminding a little of Jane Austen, complex interesting characters ,and even with the 800 pages there was not even one scene I felt like I was reading filler. The only bad thing I can think about is that the first 300 pages are slightly slow, but essential for building the scenery and the characters. 

And also the book is great for slash, an subject that always interests me, it’s my personal canon that Norrel was in love with Strange ,every scene with Stephen and the gentleman with thistle-down hair they look like they’re about to kiss. In femslash there’s Lady Pole who seems to be more affectionate to Arabella Strange than with her own husband, actually it seems that the only person for whom Lady Pole show any kind of feelings and get outs of her normal apathetic state is Arabella. But I quite like Het official couple Arabella and Jonathan, they work as couple, it’s believable and the last scene with them talking it’s really beautiful.

Small speculation about Amy and Omega

Watching The Three doctors I notice one plot element present in this serial and in The big bang. In this serial is show that Omega could change the nature of the universe he was trap according to his will, his thoughts, his imagination basically .What is basically what Amy did in The big Bang, maybe there’s a connection between them not conscious on Amy’s part of course, could be like a modern Curse of Fenric, with Omega manipulating Amy’s life to get to the doctor, or maybe she’s a regeneration of him, I read somewhere that’s a canon fact that timelords can regenerate in an opposite sex body .Probably this it’s an epileptic trees theory ,but if isn’t I think that could be cool, and Moffat could handle that plot. 

I've got nothing more to say for now ,so here is William Hatnell in a dalek suit :

I’m slightly away from DW fandom since season five ended so I only heard the above rumors today so here are my thoughts on it :
 First of all, Omega, I'm not sure that is gonna happend, but it if it did would be awesome, it's lacking more cool villains from the classic series that are not daleks.

About Rose, I hope that’s a false rumor ,I love Rose, she may not be my favorite companion but she was my first, and one of the reasons I came to fell in love with Doctor Who the way I did ,I love her through season 1 and 2, Doctor/Rose was the first shipping on DW fandon I really get in to,  I still cry every time I watch doomsday ,but her arc is over, for me she and Handy are working on parallel Torchwood and having a lot of 1/4 Timelord babies and if she was to come back it should be like in five years or so, with Handy older ,family formed ,and the Doctor looking them with only nostalgia ,the wounds are still to fresh ,and I'm really enjoying this non angsty Doctor, but I would like to see David Tennant in DW again thought, in an multiple Doctors special maybe, but not Handy ,at least not now.

Two books and Three videos


Yesterday I finish reading Artemis Fowl: Time Paradox, and Divã by Martha Medeiros. The Time paradox it’s a great book, way better than The Lost Colony ,time travel plot, no sign of Minerva and so many shipping hints for Holly and Artemis. Divã it’s a chick-lit book and doesn’t try to pass as anything else, it isn’t the greatest book in the world, but it’s funny, unpretentious and made me laugh.

And talking about things that made me laugh, three awesome videos that this morning cause that effect in me :


The Crusades, great episodes (pit the two of we only got snapshots and the audio) of the second classic series of Doctor Who in which we got Barbara being bad-ass ,good puns ,Ian obsessed with rescuing Barbara for four episodes only to get there and find out she already rescue herself (God, I love this ship), Vicky is just adorable in drag and 1st Doctor foreshadowing his knighting in Tooth and Claw.

After watching I did a small search on King Richard I to get better the events of the episodes, them to his father Henry II, and finally his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine ,this page in particular I read four times them to another and another ,I went to bed was about two am, and I was half-sleep through my three first classes and totally worth it. People talk a lot about Marie Antoinette ,Cleopatra and the wives of Henry VIII ,but she did so much more, and was so bad-ass and that in the dark ages  with all that sexism, while I was reading her biography , one of the main thoughts on my head was that if was a work of fiction I probably wouldn’t like it for being to unrealistic ,because no way one person could be this awesome and have such a fantastic life ,but of course she was. There should be make a book series about her life, as a teenager ,her marriage with Louis VII ,The first crusades, divorcing Louis and them marrying eleven years younger Henry II ,the bunch of kids, the conspiracy to take the power from Henry, being exiled in the tower and the triumphal return as Mother Queen of England. I’m now and forever an Eleanor of Aquitaine  Fangirl.

Artemis Fowl and The Lost colony was slightly disappointing ,it’s a good book but inferior to the first four ,the plot didn’t get me as much as the previous ,there were a few OOC moments ,and in my opinion there wasn’t enough foreshadowing in previous books for the demons plot, and I didn’t really like Minerva, she got some interesting dialogues but it felt like she was created only for be “The romantic interest” ,if she was more vilanish ,like Artemis in the first book ,or more an antagonist to him I could enjoy the romantic tension. I quite like the twist in the end thought with Holly and Artemis coming back three years into the future.
I begin The time paradox after school and for now it’s amazing, I’m already on page 175.

RL : Really cool week, I had a cold, but for me that means not have to go to school or work ,stay home eating chocolate ,reading old X-men comics and watching Farscape and Pokémon Orange league episodes (Yeah, I’m geeky that way) .Today at school there was this special project ,what for me and my friends meant, 20 minutes of work and the next five hours talking about random shit ,laughing and being silly. After school I went to the book store and bought Artemis Fowl and The time Paradox ,and Pride, Prejudice and Zombies. At work I rewatch Pride and Prejudice while eating Strawberry pie that one of the other girls boyfriend brought to us.  I’m really happy, I probably wont feel like that for much time, but today  I really love my life.


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